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Shurany and Ravid's handbook on PDD Chart Interpretation is a welcome handbook that provides both the student and the graduate examiner with an excellent means of refreshing their knowledge regarding the interpretation and quantification of physiological data collected from examinees of Psychophysiological Detection of Deception examinations.  The authors' inclusion of polygraph charts from confirmed field cases that employed various validated polygraph techniques, each scored by either the authors of those techniques or the instant handbook, provides readers with a most useful tool in honing their chart interpretation skills. In view of the fact that computer algorithms are still in the developmental stage, hence manual scoring of polygraph charts is currently the primary method used for a determination of truth or deception, this handbook will serve as a most useful tool for everyone involved in the science of forensic psychophysiology.                                                                                               James Allan Matte, Ph.D.

Forensic Psychophysiologist                                           



This book will be a great asset to practitioners and students alike in the interpretation of polygraph charts.  It is a correct representation of the "Backster Zone Comparison Technique."  This book is recommended. 

                 Cleve Backster